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OpenInfra Europe: A Regional Hub to Promote, Protect Open Source Infrastructure

Supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, OpenInfra Europe will foster regional resiliency and coordinate input on policy issues to ensure technologies continue to be developed in the open. Join the mailing list

About OpenInfra Europe

OpenInfra Europe, a regional hub supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, builds and strengthens regional communities, empowers organizations to succeed with open infrastructure and become regional leaders with a global voice, and fosters communication to identify regional challenges and create a collaborative effort that serves as a united front to address them.

Over 38% of OpenInfra Foundation members are based in Europe, and this regional hub promotes and protects these open source communities and the technologies they develop, while embracing and accelerating global collaboration.

Based in Brussels, OpenInfra Europe’s mission is to grow and sustain a strong and vibrant regional ecosystem that collaborates openly to keep developing vital software technologies in the open.

"Through our decade-long partnership with the OpenInfra Foundation, we've embraced a commitment to community building and advancing data control across Europe. The shifting political landscape's impact on data localization emphasizes the critical importance of data sovereignty, particularly in this region. Adopting a private cloud infrastructure has become essential, ensuring not only control but also compliance amidst changing regulations. At our core, we prioritize open source and collaboration as the bedrock of our service offerings. We're dedicated to delivering an effortlessly operational platform while simplifying complexity and enhancing convenience and control. Open source, especially in terms of control, takes center stage, empowering organizations with full code visibility and freeing them from reliance on some vendor practices."

Eric Kessels

CTO, Fairbanks


"Collaborative software development has radically accelerated the world’s evolution to digital infrastructure platforms over the past ten years and Ericsson is a proud participant in this effort driving the functionality needed by our Telecom and Enterprise customers. With the creation of OpenInfra Europe we will be able to focus on the unique needs and opportunities of the region and foster new collaborations across academia, government, and industry to address them. Ericsson also looks forward to working with OpenInfra Europe to share the unique principles that underpin the success of open source collaboration with regulatory bodies to ensure that as we build impactful legislation to improve the safety of all Europeans, we also continue to allow open source collaboration to flourish."

Phil Robb

Head of Ericsson Software Technology


"The OpenInfra Foundation has built thriving communities defined by rules that make collaboration and open source empowerment really work. We are in strong need of more empowered users in Europe as the Sovereignty debates clearly show. OSB Alliance's Sovereign Cloud Stack project is our contribution to deliver the open standards, software and skills. We expect that the existence of a EU-based hub will help us to have the right events, initiatives and conversations with the local community, society and industry."

Kurt Garloff



OpenInfra Europe Advisory Board

A collective of industry pioneers and thought leaders shaping the future of our foundation.
Their expertise and guidance drive our strategic vision, ensuring unparalleled excellence in software infrastructure solutions.

Phil RobbPhil RobbEricsson
Sebastian WennerSebastian WennerDeutsche Telekom
Johan ChristensonJohan ChristensonCleura
Tytus KurekTytus KurekCanonical
Allison RandalAllison Randal
Celine BousquetCeline BousquetSociete Generale
Stig TelferStig TelferStackHPC
Eric KesselsEric KesselsFairbanks
Soumaya MsallemSoumaya MsallemRed Hat
Kurt GarloffKurt GarloffSovereign Cloud
Stack / OSBA

OpenInfra Europe
Founding Participants




Deutsche Telekom


Cloudbase Solutions
Cloud&Heat Technologies
Component Soft
Elastx AB
Kita Bilisim
Societe Generale
Sardina Systems
Ultimum Technologies a.s.


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